Tips to rank your videos on YouTube and Search Engine

Tips to rank your videos on YouTube and Search Engine

Growing your channel on YouTube is very beneficial nowadays; we all know YouTube is a very powerful platform nowadays; many marketers investing their budget on YouTube in the form of YouTube ads. Make your own channel and upload videos is the primary step of YouTube, but how to optimize those videos on YouTube.

An average person spends 17 hours per week watching online video. The market of YouTube is growing day by day; people have become more dependent on enjoying live streams, vlogs, and joyful content on YouTube; the content providers are also increasing every. So in this, we will be going to discuss some tips through which you can rank your videos on YouTube and Search Engine Result Pages.

1- Must use relevant Keywords

Keyword research is the most important in both YouTube and Search Engine. You have to research keywords first relevant to your content and with the excellent search data, and then you have to apply those keywords on your video so that users can redirect your content when they use those keywords on their search. With the help of YouTube, search suggests a feature you will be able to find the best keyword according to your content, make a list of potential keywords and then select the best keyword from your list. Using the relevant keywords for video optimization is a vital part of YouTube SEO. Keyword optimization increases the chances of getting ranked on the search result and boost views on the video.

2- Video Optimization

Video optimization is another factor that is very important to rank a video on YouTube and Search engines.

Tips to rank your videos on YouTube and Search Engine
Video Optimization

a-Video Quality

Most of the video on the first page is because of High Definition (HD quality). A good quality video helps to satisfy viewers and increase engagement in videos. For creating high-quality content, you need to invest in higher quality equipment.

b- Length of the video

What is the average length of your video, 7 minutes, 8 minutes, or 10 minutes? According to us, you have to make videos size not on the basis of time, but by intent to satisfy your viewer, answer viewers’ questions thoroughly, so you will be able to get more likes, shares, and comments.

3- Using Tags on Video

Tags are essential to make suggest your video, but people think tags directly affect the rank of a video on YouTube; your tags don’t directly influence ranking. Using tags, you can increase your engagement rate because tags help you put videos in front of more people. Tags are used to understand the “what is the context and content of your video.” Only a good description is not necessary; you have to add tags that attribute your video. Remember, use tags but don’t overdo it” using over tags can make poor SEO quality of the video. As per expert advice, use targeted tags between the number of 5-7 maximum; you can add a primary and secondary keyword, long-tail keyword, and variations.

4- Promote your video

Whatever your content is, if you’re new to YouTube, then to make new subscribers and viewers, you have to use some promotional techniques for your video; you can mention your video on Q&A sites like Quora and other popular Q&A sites. Q&A sites provide you both high-quality and quantity views. You can promote your video where people are looking for the answers to their questions, and your video content will satisfy them.

5- Playlist

Using a playlist is one of the best ways to increase the views of a video because if you deliver your content on the series, the previous video viewers directly hit the views on your next video. For example, if you watch tutorials on any topic, you will definitely continue the series if you want to learn or know about that topic. To create a playlist, you only have to find similar and related content so that you can relate your previous videos with another one.

6- Channel Page Optimization

Many of the YouTubers ignore the optimization of their channel page, if you optimize your channel page, then you will be able to get more subscriber which directly improve the ranking of your videos in YouTube, and another benefit of optimizing channel page is that your channel rank on YouTube by itself. You can optimize your channel page professionally by using a good channel description and applying keywords related to your channel.

7- Attractive and genuine thumbnail

Thumbnail is the first impression for the viewer. Thumbnail summarizes the content of your video. A good and attractive thumbnail attract more views and helps to increase Click-through Rate (CTR). The image of the thumbnail must be under 2MB with a size of 1280×720. As per the YouTube data analysis, more than 85% of best-performing videos having custom and genuine thumbnails.

8- Share Video on social media platforms

Share your video on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as much as possible because the algorithm of YouTube boosts that video on the search result. How much your video will share, they think, “That content must be amazing,” so they will boost up the ranking of that video. The On-Page activities for YouTube video promotion are content quality, keyword density, tags, etc., and the Off-Page factor is Links sharing. So if you promote or share videos on social media, it takes notice from google also.

These are the factors by which you can improve your video’s ranking on YouTube and search engine; we hope you like this article. If we missed any of the points above, please mentioned that in the comment sections. Video marketing is essential in the online market and going to become more important in the future. So follow the above steps and start to rank your video on both the search engines and YouTube.

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