Tips to Improve Website Loading time

Tips to Improve Website Loading time

The loading time of a website or webpage is too important nowadays; it doesn’t matter how well you design your website interface; if your loading time of the website is not good, it will directly affect your user. Time is significant for everyone, and users expect a quick load from your website for a better user experience. Online market brands like Amazon speed up their website every second for the better experience of their customers. Like Amazon, many other business and e-commerce sites hire digital marketing services and SEO company to improve the loading time. Improvement of the loading time is not a one-time process; from time to time, you have to work on this process, and here we are going to discuss the top tips to improve your website’s speed.

Before discussing these points, let’s know the average, perfect, and poor time for the website’s loading time.

  • Below 1 Second – Excellent/Perfect
  • 1-3 Seconds – Above Average
  • 3-7 Seconds – Average
  • More than 10 – Very Poor

Many of you have questions about our reasons for the slow loading time of a website. There are many reasons why your website is loading slowly; maybe you had used unoptimized images; that is the common reason for slow loading of your website because the high resolution of images contains a large space on a website. Other causes are not adequately using gZIP compression and JavaScript issues.

More than 45% of people expect the loading time of the website under two seconds. Whatever your business, the loading time of your website is the first impression for your business. Daily internet users know how frustrating is the low loading time of the website. A website’s average and excellent loading time helps in low bounce rate, improve conversion rate, better user experience, and improve your website and webpage ranking on the search engine result pages. Many business and e-commerce owners improve their marketing and sales process through a good loading time of the website. You can easily convert your leads into customers and generate good revenue for your business. You have regularly checked your website loading time and make changes on-site to make loading time perfect. In this article, we will share some of the best tips to improve the loading speed of your website and webpage.

1- Combine and Minify Files

The website contains lots of files, images, and data. But some of the data is extremely important for users and the appearance of the website. Many times the information automatically creates messy codes, which makes the website loading time slow. There are lots of plugin like WP rocket which helps you to minify and combine your files. Through this process, you can easily remove your whitespace, unnecessary codes, and formatting. You have to follow some steps: Install the plugin WP Rocket, then go in the static files tab and select the files you want to combine and minify.  

2- Compress Images

Websites include images and videos, and the most common factor of increasing website loading time is images and video sizes. A website needs eye-catching pictures and videos to engage users in a website, mostly the e-commerce sites; images are very beneficial because of how attractive the photos are. The more the leads and customers they will get. But how to reduce the loading time of the website after all this. There are many plugins available by the web market to WP Smush, and this plugin helps you compress and reduce the size of your image without losing the quality of images. By WP Smush, you can reduce your image dimension and optimize your image. Image optimization helps you to directly improve the loading speed of any webpage or website.

3- CDN

CDN refers to the Content Delivery Network. Either the website is static or dynamic, hosting is necessary for all. Many of the websites use another network server to quickly decrease the loading time of their website. If the traffic increases in a website, it directly affects all the users, and the website’s loading time goes low. Through the CDN, you can easily route your site to the closest server. As per the experiment, many of the websites decrease loading time by about 25-50%.

4- Clean database

Working on a website needs lots of tools and plugins; that’s why lots of time, the website’s database gets very heavy due to uninstalled plugins, saved drafts, and post. That’s a very easy way to improve the loading speed of a website.

5- Minify JavaScript and CSS files

One of the reasons for slow loading is due to the junky CSS and JS files. When you install a new plugin, the new CSS and JS files are added each time automatically in WordPress. When the users of your website want to run any of the files, it automatically generates many HTTP requests, and it directly slows down the website loading time. You can speed up your website by reducing the CSS and Javascript files from your website. Tools like Grunt, WillPeavy, helps you to minify and compress these CSS, Javascript, and CSS files. Although you can delete white space, semicolons, code comment, and make your files small. 

By using these small techniques, you can easily improve the loading time of your website. Many business website owners hire digital marketing services or SEO services to improve their website’s loading time because they know for a better user experience, leads, and sales. They have to improve their first impression, and that is the loading time of a website.

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