Major Google Algorithm Updates Till Now (2021)

Millions of searches happen in a day on the search engines, so the little change in an algorithm can impact your webpage, so it’s very necessary to be updated with these algorithms and change the way of doing SEO like changes in creating content, backlinks, and many other SEO activities. Many people question why Google introduces these new updates regularly, and the simple answer is that Google wants to provide the best results to its users. There are more than 200 factors that can affect your ranking of the website in the search engine, and if you do not optimize your website as per the guidelines, you will be penalized by Google. So in this article, we will discuss some of the major updates of Google algorithms until now, which you should know; if you are working on your website ranking or working for any of the digital marketing services providers.

1- Google Panda 2011

Google Panda update was introduced in 2011, but this update introduced many updates over a year. Panda update is introduced to target plagiarism, spam, duplicate content, poor user experience, and keyword stuffing. After this update, many webpages and websites are penalized by Google because of the duplicate and thin content. In 2016, Panda was added to the Google core algorithm. This update gives you the quality score to your webpage based on content and plays a significant role in the website’s ranking. To adjust this update, you have to check your content on a daily basis and use a website auditor to check your content duplication and keyword stuffing.

2- Penguin Update

Penguin update was released in 2012 after Google starts targeting the content, then the Penguin update is release to target the spammy backlinks. Google starts to target those backlinks that look unnatural and use the black HAT SEO techniques like PBN (Private Blog Network), buying links, and link farms. To adjust this update, you have to maintain the quality of your backlinks. Also, you can use many of the backlink checker tools, which can summarize and audit backlinks, so you would be able to remove the poor and spammy backlinks. We all know the excellent quality of backlinks helps you rank your web page or website on the search engine result pages, so your backlinks’ regular audit saves your website from getting penalized by Google. Penguin update is also known as “webspam algorithm update.” Now the manipulation of creating backlinks is no longer work.

3- Humming Bird Update

This update was introduced in 2013 to make google better interpret semantic search and provide results as per the searcher intent. After the Hummingbird update, Google can understand context and intent better. We all know longtail keywords give more conversion than short-tail keywords, and after this update, many marketers shift towards the longtail keywords. To improve the ranking of a webpage and website on the Google search engine, it is best to use the keyword which is related to your content, like LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Keywords). Pigeon update makes it easier for small and local businesses to reach their audience. This update helps them to improve their ranking on the search engine.

4- Mobilegeddon

This mobile update was launched in 2015. Mobilegeddon was forced to shift the desktop website to the mobile version. After the digitalization worldwide, people want to get whatever they want just by a single click, so now google ranks all those websites on the search engine that are mobile-friendly and as per the loading time on mobile. To adjust this update, you have to optimize your web page or website and improve your web page’s loading speed. Now the non-friendly website gets penalized by google on the search engine result pages, so many e-commerce or business websites have started to make their website mobile-friendly.

5- Pigeon Update

This update focus on the local search. Pigeon update focuses on both on-page and off-page of a website in order to improve the ranking based on physical proximity. After this update, many small businesses get rank on the search engine by following local SEO practices like Business listings, reviews, business directories, and many more.

6- RankBrain

RankBrain was introduced in 2015. In this, google updates its artificial intelligence in algorithms. Google introduces RankBrain to monitor the user behavior and response, and in this, Google goes beyond the search query and serves the best result to users as per their queries. To adjust this algorithm, you have to add the relevant terms to your content and improve your page’s value. RankBrain is the 3rd most important ranking signal.

These are some of the significant updates and algorithms of the Google search engine, which are very helpful for those working on the search engine. Thanks for reading this article. If we missed any of the major updates, please mention the comment section below.

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